Action to Protect Human Rights and Freedom on the Basis of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict


  • Gabriela Pańczak Uniwersity of Rzeszów, Poland
  • Kacper Nalepa Uniwersity of Rzeszów, Poland

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Israel-Palestinian conflict, casualties, human rights


The imposition of martial law on the territory of a specific state entails certain obligations. In the international arena, laws that permit the violation of fundamental individual rights should never be introduced. During an armed conflict, countries are obliged to comply with international humanitarian law, which has the protection of civilians as its goal. Compliance with the aforementioned law is achieved by regulating the conduct of all parties during hostilities. Under the provisions of international humanitarian law, all parties to an armed conflict are obliged to distinguish between military targets and the population, as well as civilian objects, and to direct attacks only against military objects (Amnesty International 2021). Deliberately caused attacks on facilities where civilians are present or reside are prohibited by international law and constitute war crimes.
Allegations have been made against Palestine that the military wing of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired rockets at Israel in significant numbers. The incident resulted in the deaths of 12 Israelis. The aforementioned attack was directed at civilian facilities, such as homes, and its victims, as already mentioned, were civilians; which is in violation of international humanitarian law. An additional allegation raised after this attack is that the attackers used weapons that are inherently indiscriminate in nature.
In our presentation, we would like to discuss the human rights situation on Israeli territory taking into account the situation that is taking place in this part of the world and, in addition, the purpose of our paper will be to cite Amnesty International's position on compliance with international humanitarian law using the example of the armed conflict taking place between Palestine and Israel.



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Pańczak, G., & Nalepa, K. (2023). Action to Protect Human Rights and Freedom on the Basis of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. TRANSBORDER ECONOMICS. International Journal on Transborder Economics, Finance, Politics and Statistics., 5(2), 35–42. Pobrano z