Treści religijne w wierszach dla dzieci Stanisława Jachowicza


  • Maciej Szargot Uniwersytet Łódzki


Słowa kluczowe:

Stanisław Jachowicz, wiersze dla dzieci, treści religijne


Stanisław Jachowicz’s poetry for children is filled with religious themes and language, sometimes used unthinkingly but usually consciously. The “tales”, “novels” and “parables” he created contain the elements of traditional genres used in catechesis: the catechism, the sermon and the biblical parable. The subject matter of the poet’s fables is more complicated because of animals and objects that believe in God, pray and even achieve salvation, which frequently takes place while Jachowicz makes a huge effort for his didactic works not to become close to heresy.




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Szargot, M. (2019). Treści religijne w wierszach dla dzieci Stanisława Jachowicza. Tematy I Konteksty, 14(9), 587–598.