Poeta i pedagog Józef Czechowicz o edukacji czytelniczej młodzieży


  • Adrian Uljasz Uniwersytet Rzeszowski



Słowa kluczowe:

Czechowicz Józef (1903–1939) publicystyka, kształcenie literackie, edukacja czytelnicza


The presented publication is a critical edition of the article by the poet and pedagogue Józef Czechowicz (1903 – 1939) entitled Liryka i młodzi (Poetry and the young) published in the third issue of the „Ogniwo” (“Link”) journal from 1933. This article was not included in the volumes with journalistic writings by Czechowicz. However, it deserves interest partially due to its always current contents. The author’s view on the necessity to adjust the programme of literary education and the book collections of public and school libraries to the reading interests of the youth should be shared by teachers and librarians at contemporary times similarly to the times when Czechowicz published his statement.




Jak cytować

Uljasz, A. (2017). Poeta i pedagog Józef Czechowicz o edukacji czytelniczej młodzieży. Tematy I Konteksty, 12(7), 517–523. https://doi.org/10.15584/tik.2017.35